YesRef Platform Updates Oct '22


We're excited to tell you the latest changes you've requested on the platform, have now been released and ready for you to experience.  Thank you for providing us with this feedback, we want to continually improve the experience for you and everyone within the sporting community. Don't stop there... tell us about the latest changes you'd like to see and we'll add them to our product roadmap - Request a Feature.

Home Page Updates

With the recent release of YesRef Appointments and Availability, we've now re-organised the homepage so that your Unallocated, Upcoming and Previous (Completed before) tabs, are organised by date and not by status. 

The Unallocated tab will include any games or events in the future and currently have roles which have no Sports Official allocated. The Upcoming tab will include any games or events that are in the future and will automatically move to the previous tab, after the game or event has finished.

We've already moved your past games and events, into the previous tab 😃

Daily Availability Updates

Keeping a Sports Officials calendar up to date is important. Understanding why a Sports Official may or may not be available for a Game or Event is also important. 

We now display the Sports Officials Daily Availability on the Sports Officials page for those of you have access to view Sports Officials. This should help with better understanding a Sports Officials Availability.

Sports Officials have visibility of their Daily Availability on the the calendar, showing the times the Sports Official is available from and to every day. Sports Officials are only sent notifications about new opportunities during these times.

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